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1: The Seekers

  1. Attention Span Bias

2: Digital Learning

  1. "Microlearning: A Real-World Solution"

3: "Square Pegs, Round Holes"

4: Work and Key Elements for Microlearning Implementation

5: The Diagnostic Mind / Cognitive and Behavioral

  1. A Story About A Sea Captain
  2. Reflection and Microlearning

6: Practices: Trial and Error, Successive Approximation

7: Enabling Technologies: Tripod of the "Real-World" of Work

  1. Microlearning is Fixing, Solving and Improving
  2. Speed of technology
  3. Adoption by workers and learners
  4. Impact of what learning and training is about

8: A Vortex: Overlayering The Diagnostic Process, Trial and Error, and Tools and Technology Accelerate Work and Learning

  1. Multifaceted
  2. Accelerated
  3. Foundational

9: Microlearning Core Principles and Beliefs

10: The Vortex

  1. Scope of Microlearning
  2. Micro-Actions
  3. Micro-Content
  4. Micro-Reference
  5. Experience Sharing and Expertise
  6. Tools & Technologies
  7. Content creation and Delivery Tools
  8. Architecture and eCosystem

11: Micro-Actions Step 1: Identify Insertion Points Within the Workflow

  1. Process Steps in Supporting Micro-Actions
  2. Identifying Insertion Points through Issues, Problems and Opportunities
  3. Identifying Insertion Points in the Workflow

12: Micro-Actions Step 2: Conduct an Incident Micro-Analysis

  1. Examples of Workflow Micro-Analysis in Supporting Micro-Actions
  2. Recap of Conduct a Workflow Micro-Analysis
  3. Do We Drop Training Needs Analysis?

13: Rich-in-Context and Ready-to-Use Knowledge and Solutions

  1. Micro-Actions Accelerate with Rich-in-Context and Ready-to-Use Content and Solutions

14: Micro-Actions Step 3: Creating Content and Solutions for Micro-Actions

  1. Diagnostic Process as it Relates to Rich-in-Context and Ready-to-Use Content and Solutions

15: Step 4: Collect Dynamic Needs for Micro-Actions

  1. Process Steps in Supporting Micro-Actions
  2. Discovering and Collecting Dynamic Need

16: Examples of Micro-Actions Answers and Solution

17: How to Make Large and Bloated Courses Microlearning Friendly

18: Conversion Steps of Courses to Microlearning

19: Creating Micro-Lesson - Step 1 Select Must-do and Must-Learn

  1. Two Levels of Design
  2. Sources of Must-Do and Must-Learn Content
  3. The Process Steps in Supporting Micro-Actions
  4. The Exception Approach
  5. Why Learners Don't Learn All the Content All the Time
  6. References - Useful Details
  7. Working Competencies vs Full Competencies
  8. "10 Steps on How to Use a Lathe Machine"
  9. "Six Steps of Coaching"
  10. Not All Content is Created Equal

20: "Creating Micro-Lessons - Step 2: Use an Event"

  1. What Do Workers and Learners Pay Attention To?
  2. Events Help to Set the Context
  3. Creating events from "squeaky clean" or a sanitized way

21: "Creating Micro-Lessons - Step 3: Present Content Always In the Context

22: "Creating Micro-Lessons - Step 4: Ask Micro-Questions"

  1. Micro-Questions: Use Target Questions as Learning Goals in the Context of the Real-World
  2. Micro-Questions: Using Recall Questions to Connect to Learner's Experience and Learner Readiness

23: "Creating Micro-Lessons - Step 5: Ask Application Questions"

  1. Types of Application Questions
  2. Analysis of the Situation
  3. Types of Questions That Lead to Solutions
  4. Micro-Questions and Application Questions are Frictionless Questions

24: Creating Micro-Lessons - Steps 6, 7 and 8 - Replace Learning Objectives with Target Questions, Create Learn-On-Need References, and Share the Lesson

25: Workshop Templates

26: Breaking 10 Training Rules Using Microlearning

27: Micro-References for Microlearning

  1. Simple Rules for Instant Answers

28: Bring Learning to Work

  1. "What is the role of Experience Sharing and Expertise in Microlearning?"
  2. Like water, Microlearning flows into the spaces of work

Chapter 29: "What We Know and Can Do Now"

30: Learning by Doing and Learning Through Work

31:Two Conditions for Microlearning Accelerated Growth - Experience Sharing and Expertise Development

32: Accelerating Experience Sharing and Expertise Development

33: Microlearning Tools and Technologies: It's about Creating Value

  1. Blind-Sided by a Love of Tools and Technologies
  2. Looking for Microlearning Values
  3. Usefulness of Tools and Technologies with Microlearning: Enablers and Accelerators
  4. Content Creation Tools
  5. Embedded Answers
  6. Enabling Sources Tools and Technologies
  7. Why are Chatbots Considered Microlearning Tools?
  8. Experience Sharing and Expertise Development
  9. Cardinal-Rules in Selecting and Implementing Tools and Technologies

34: Architecture

  1. Microlearning Architecture Overview

35: Key Points in Microlearning Architecture and Implementation

36: Implementation: Microlearning is the "It's-Always-There" Solution

  1. "Microlearning Adoption Behaviors" - An Observation
  2. "Reducing Down the Cost of Learning Production to 30%"
  3. "Check Out These Numbers"

Please leave us your details below so that we can inform you when the printed book is available in March 2018.

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