About Vignettes Learning

Vignettes Learning / Situation Expert is recognized as a leading innovator in the field of learning design and delivery and learning systems and platforms. For over 33 years, thousands of learning and development professionals and organizational leaders all over the world have engaged in our consulting services and attended our workshops. These include "Workflow Learning", “Micro learning for Disruptive Results”, “Story-Based eLearning Design”, “Scenario-Based Learning Design”,  “The Masterful Virtual Trainer”, "Transforming F2F Workshop to Remote Learning", "Training Frontline Leaders as Learning Accelerators", "Advanced Skills for Webinars", "HYBRID Remote and Hands-on Training", and "Expertise Development Systems."

Vignettes Learning founded TrainingMagNetwork.com, a 160,000+ member community of learning professionals. Vignettes Learning has developed award-winning applications, one of which is Situation Expert. Additionally, Vignettes Learning is a learning consultant to many organizations globally.

At Vignettes Learning, we are dedicated to helping every designer, trainer and leader to stretch their imagination, expand their reach and grow their capabilities.


Clients and Workshop Participants


Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

Consultants and Mentors

Jonathan Workman
Melissa Erceg Dougherty
Crystal L. Fernandes-Harris
Brenda LaRose
Aimee Lantzy

More List of Clients and Workshop Participants

Alaska Airlines
Aramark Uniform Services
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Boeing Company
Booz Allen Hamilton
British Aerospace
Burger King
California State Polytechnic University
Caltex Petroleum
Caterpillar Tractors
Chevron, U.S.A.
Chipotle Restaurants
Countrywide Home Loans
Department of the Treasury
E.I. DuPont
Environmental Protection Agency
Ernst & Young
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Flexo Printing
Full Spectrum Lending
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
IBM Corporation
International Harvester

J.C. Penny
Kaiser Medical Center
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Martin Marietta
McDonalds Corporation
Michigan Department of Social Services
Moore Business Forms
National Weather Service
Oakwood University
Pitney Bowes
Pixar Studios
Prudential Insurance
Psychological Associates
Rockwell International
Ryland Homes
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Commerce
University of Minnesota
Sherwin Williams Company
State of California
State of Oregon
Virginia Credit Union
Westinghouse Electric
and many more...