Special Benefits

Obtain 25 ready-to-use micro-scenarios and mini-stories for micro- eLearninglessons on HR compliance, safety and sales/call support topics. Only one (1) rule and requirement needed: attend the workshop to obtain the bonus!

Why use Micro-lessons

  • Engage your learners
  • Improve learners’ experiences
  • Add them to your existing eLearning
  • Integrate them into your webinars
  • Use them as references
  • Utilize them to spark classroom conversations and exercises
  • Send them as reminders and refresher lessons
  • Employ as guide or inspiration in developing your eLearning
  • Use them as seeds in your social learning conversations

List of Micro-lessons

Please see the list of the 25 micro-lessons. Click the items with link “Live Example” to preview examples.

HR Compliance
  1. Can You Tell Me If My Job is Safe? – awareness of ethics and difficult conversations Live Example
  2. Can’t a Person Compliment a Woman Anymore? – awareness on sexual harassment compliance Live Example
  3. If There is Booze – awareness of religious discrimination
  4. Is Age a Problem? – awareness of age discrimination
  5. Would Maria Quality? – for benefits compliance
  6. Pumping Resume – for ethics discussions
  7. I Paid More – handling customer complaints Live Example
  8. Are You a Dork? – how to deal with bullies
  9. Do What I Tell You! – how to detect bullies
  10. Sarcasm at Someone’s Expense – how to discourage bullies
  11. Report Me, Now? – reporting bullies
  12. I Can Handle the Job – awareness of handicap discrimination
  13. I Am a Family Man – awareness of marital status

Sales and Support
  1. I Paid More – handling customer complaints
  2. Your Product is Under Recall – handling customer objections
  3. Lost Package – handling difficult callers Live Example
  4. Are You Nasty or What? – dealing with nasty callers
  5. What Would You Rank Highest? – probing for more sales
  6. Do I Hear You Say...? – confirming the customer is sold
  7. Have You Tried This or That?– Upselling sales

  1. Can You Catch a Robber? – safety in stores and facilities
  2. Gas and Fire – Don’t Mix – lapses in safety
  3. Washing Hands – common safety issues
  4. I thought She Would Take Care of It – proper shift change
  5. Oh My God! Someone Has a Gun – dealing with emergency calls

About the micro-lessons: Description and acquisition conditions

Micro-lessons are created in the Articulate Storyline authoring tool. You will receive zipped files for each of the micro-lesson. You are prohibited from selling and distributing the micro-lessons. Your right to use the micro-lessons are limited to your company internal training only. The micro-lessons are properties of Vignettes Learning. You will receive the micro-lesson files only at the workshop. Contact support for any questions.

If you are unable to attend the workshop but wish to purchase the 25 Micro-Lessons, you may do so. For $1,950, you purchase 15 of the micro-lessons or for $3,950 you may obtain all of the 25 micro-lessons. Please send us a message by completing the contact form with specific details of your request. Please type “25 Micro-Lessons” on the subject. Thank you.