Scenario & Story-Based Content Development
Workplace learners are savvier, busier, and more prone to multi-tasking than ever before. Their media-rich environment multiplies the challenges and difficulties of reaching this increasingly demanding and cynical audience with traditional instructional learning typically found in classrooms, eLearning and mobile learning. Nevertheless, scenarios, story and experiences have been rediscovered as powerful tools to help us make sense of the daily data barrage we encounter at work--and increase learning recall, involvement, and application.

Vignettes Learning is equipped to help you create or convert your learning content/materials into scenario and story-based eLearning.

Scope of services

  • Implementing instructional designs based on scenarios and story-driven eLearning
  • Conducting story surveys to establish relevancy
  • Mapping scenarios and stories to learning objectives
  • Scripting and storyboarding scenarios and stories
  • Producing videos, images, audio and other multimedia format
  • Creating scenarios and stories as seeds for interactions
  • Building micro-scenarios and stories for rapid learning
  • Converting content to scenarios and story-based eLearning
  • Connecting scenarios and stories to performance outcomes
  • Authoring eLearning using Flash, Articulate, Captivate, and other tools
  • Constructing custom reusable micro-scenarios and storybuilding engines

Scenario & Story-Based Content Development


Sales training provides an ideal opportunity to use scenarios, stories and experiences in your eLearning design. Real-life cases and situations challenge and engage learners far better than the typical presentation approach in eLearning.


Most compliance courses spell drudgery for learners. Suggested tweak: Scenarios and stories infuse power into compliance eLearning thereby creating meaningful impacts on learners’ day-to-day lives. Learners go beyond just clicking through pages to appreciating the ideas.


In most instances, engineering, technical or software eLearning is hardly deemed as exciting. The addition of experiences, real-life consequences and discoveries as the basis of the learning makes technical learning easily understood and retained.


Human relations training can be tricky for learners. However, when learners begin discovering and identifying undesirable and desirable behaviors presented in scenarios and stories, they immediately learn to relate the ideas to their real-life situations.


Training learners on medical procedures and emergency situations is a challenge. The eLearning design must allow the learners to relive or experience real-life crisis events. Scenarios provide ideal ways to make this happen.


Customer service staff needs to anticipate multiple situations to effectively handle customer complaints. Scenarios and stories enable eLearning to recreate these situations. Learners trained on customer handling scenarios end up better prepared and equipped to respond effectively.


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