Unique Innovations & Solutions

Vignettes Learning works with clients and partners to implement software applications to specific, unique and innovative solutions for learning challenges. With this expertise and its resources, we can either leverage existing modules of current systems and code base or start fresh depending on your needs. The Vignettes Learning technical team consists of systems architects, developers, database engineers and experts with backgrounds in varied platforms, standards and methodologies.

Scope of services

  • Assess requirements of the client or partner
  • Plan for software, database, network and support needs
  • Implement codes, testing and documentation
  • Deploy in diverse platforms and configurations
  • Provide support for guides and help documentation, customer care, and systems administration

Sample Models of Unique Solutions & Innovations


A scenario and story-based learning system that empowers learning leaders, experts and facilitators to deliver learning and harness learner participation through the power of shared stories.


An award winning platform and service that helps organizations implement and promote social learning and networking through discussions, groups, content library, instant publishing, webinars, coaching and more.


A private label and highly customizable video portal and platform that leverages the best videos from Youtube.com, TED.com, vimeo.com and client’s in-house videos , catering to specific client needs.


Discover Reusable Games with Flash engines that enable non-technical eLearning developers to implement highly interactive and aesthetically rich eLearning lessons, games and exercises.


Learning Performance System is an advance metrics-driven learning system with eLearning, coaching, assessments, surveys, 360 degrees tools, appraisals, and integration with performance metrics.


Utilizing this innovative and collaborative Web 2.0 tool facilitates a creative way of sharing knowledge and expertise through storytelling.


LMSSimplify is a simple, yet robust Learning Management System for rapid implementation at the least cost.

A web-based learning system utilizing the whole brain cognitive models to help learners find immediate context to constantly changing and massive volume of content.


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