Systems, Widgets, Micro-Apps Development
When you have a unique or proprietary interactive exercise and you want to be innovative with your eLearning, Vignettes can help achieve your goal.

The typical authoring software and learning systems limit your flexibility and creativity to develop engaging scenarios, story-based content, exercises, games and highly interactive eLearning. More often, they simply enable you to “rapidly” produce page turning lessons, tests and boring eLearning programs.

Vignettes Learning broadens your creative capabilities and extend your flexibility to supplement and enhance your systems and tools with the addition of widgets, reusable engines and micro-apps, allowing you to integrate highly engaging elearning interactions.

Scope of services

  • Assess opportunities to integrate widgets, micro-apps and interactive reusable engines learning system and course.
  • Customized development of rich-media and high-interaction games, exercises and networked connections to games, exercises, micro-scenarios and stories.
  • Develop unique and proprietary story and scenario-driven learning designs.
  • Build reusable interactive engines that enable you to author once, yet deliver and reuse these multiple times.
  • Implement best-of-breed social and interactive learning systems to support scenario and story-based eLearning delivery.

Sample models in Systems, Widgets, Micro-Apps Development

Most eLearning developers are not interactive Flash or multimedia experts. We create reusable engines for games, exercises, and interactions to help your developers reduce costs and increase speed of development – empowering them to enhance eLearning design interactivity.


Specialized exercises, like the In-Box Exercise, adds tremendous value to how you help learners comprehend complex ideas. Widgets and micro-applications unique to your needs push the performance of your eLearning programs.


Top executives always appraise the impacts of training on job and business performance. The Performance Metrics micro-app is a system that captures statistical information through a dashboard that shows how training links to performance on the job.


eLearning lessons become more engaging and aid learners to grasp learning points better when these are interactive. We transform your content into interactive formats such as hide- and-reveal, flow chart, process flow, knowledge maps, navigational forms, and many others.


Your eLearning programs help motivate learners with rewards, incentives, feedback and fast statistical data feed. Gamification encourages the natural tendencies of learners to discover and compete with oneself and others.


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