This workshop is all about going after the 70%, the workflow learning. It is designed to help you, the designers, developer, L&D specialists and leaders, to add the follow-up and measurement in a space where it traditionally has been lacking. This can be accomplished through the utilization of Workflow Learning Experience Templates (LXT). Think of LXTs as hook-ups to your formal training methods to help ensure the content learned is applied and is available when needed on the job. These templates, when applied, can help your workers create more value every day while saving the company money by getting the most out of their greatest investment…their people.

By participating in this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Connect follow-up and measurement with workflow learning experiences.
  • Augment or redesign your formal training events to “hook-up” learning experiences in informal and workflow situations.
  • Select the right learning experience for your content and objectives.
  • Deliver learning experiences using LXTs (Learning Experience Templates).
  • Choose from existing LXTs provided in the workshop.
  • Create a custom-designed LXT that is unique to your training objectives.
  • Implement and deliver the LXT follow-ups and measurements.
  • Design dynamic metrics to help learners provide feedback on their work exercises.
  • Use the current tracking and collaboration technologies you already have to implement LXT

Workflow LXTs are exercises and activities that help learners apply your training content in their work while they are on the job.

The Workflow LXTs help you solve these types of work issues:

  • Safety accidents and violations
  • High waste in production and processing
  • Slow speed in logistics areas
  • Uninspiring leaders
  • Slow product roll-outs
  • Poor customer support
  • High defects and returns
  • High reject rates
  • ...and many other issues unique to your environment.

Workflow LXTs help learners apply your training content in exercises to handle work issues, including:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Risk Analysis
  • Impacts of Learning Metrics
  • Data Interpretation
  • Finding and Creating Solutions
  • Problem-Solving
  • Project Management
  • Handling Crisis Situations
  • Understanding How Computer Systems Work
  • Workarounds
  • Key 360-Degree Frameworks
  • Your unique work challenges

By participating in this workshop, you will receive:

  • 50 ready-to-use LXTs
  • A Guidebook on Creating Workflow Learning Experience Templates

Workflow Learning: Through Work We Learn, provides practical applications on how to help workers think, fix, solve and improve problems and learn while doing work. This useful resource is over 200 pages long and includes case studies and best practices, technical solutions and implementation of Workflow Learning.

The workshop is designed for instructional designers, developers, L&D specialists, and leaders who are looking for ways to improve the performance of their formal training events and instructions by adding follow-ups and measurement of training impacts.

One year free membership included in the workshop.

Vignettes' Club provides exclusive online access for Club members. It is designed to help trainers, designers, developers, and learners to upskill in areas of instructional design, development and delivery. Specifically, the resources include topics like Story-Based Design, Scenario-Based Learning, Microlearning, Virtual Training, Workflow Learning and others.

As a basic Club member, you are invited to attend private and small group weekly mentoring sessions and access online videos, demos, recordings, and ebooks. Please see more.

Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

Aimee Lantzy

Melissa Erceg Dougherty

Jonathan Workman

Nicole Dalton

Crystal L. Fernandes-Harris

Susie Tiggs, Ed.S.


Please email us to let us know how we can help with special arrangements and mentoring support. Kindly provide us with details to better assist you.

Registration Fees:

One participant - $750.00
Please note that this is the cost for each of the aforementioned workshops.

10% Early Bird Discount
(valid for registration not later than 30 days before the workshop)

Other Discounts:

5% for the second participant from the same company.
5% Government/Non-profit Discount
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Group discount for several participants, or attending both workshops.
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The workshop is an in-depth, highly interactive experience employing varied multimedia lessons, mini-projects, individual coaching and mentoring. Due to the personalized attention you receive from facilitators and mentors, workshop seats are limited. Reserve your seats early.

Organizations use many forms of collaborative and learning platforms. The workshop does not require participants to use any specific one nor does the workshop promote any specific software or platform. Instead, a proprietary system will be used to enable participants to have hands-on experience throughout the duration of the workshop. Participants will be asked to review, explore or use their company’s or other providers' software and platforms for more meaningful application as needed.
Ray is an incredibly likeable, relatable presenter who provided practical, hands on solutions to issues that run across all organizations. I enjoyed this workshop more than any other I've attended in my professional career.

Aimee Lantzy
Creative Studio Director
Alchemy Systems

This really great seminar successfully addresses ways to provide critical, workflow learning solutions in multiple domains (business, education, etc.). Additionally, the content of the seminar was structured in a way to provide participants with the tools to adapt and customize the tools and processes to fit their own needs.

Dr. Jimenez is an engaging, educated and entertaining instructor. He built on his ideas in an excellent manner, starting with a broad foundation and working up to the specific, all the while checking in with the participants to ensure that everyone understood, before progressing.

David Greenfield
Consulting Educator &EdD candidate
Learning Technologies

“Ray is one of the most natural teachers I have ever met. He is able to take all the high-level concepts that he has studied, discovered and used, and bring them down to a level where almost anyone can understand them.”

Bob Jones
IT Specialist
Johns Hopkins University