Ray Jimenez, PhD
Learning Architect, Consultant,
Software Development Leader
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I asked myself this question, “What is the purpose of our business at Vignettes Learning?” I kept going back to

“Serving learners and those who help learners learn, that is you, the shapers.”

Like many of you, the past two years have been bewildering and confusing. However, after listening to your insights, I believe that these are times of reinvention. We need to turn things upside down or deliberately “destroy” our closely-guarded beliefs and practices to respond to the times. Listen and act to what our learners are telling us.

What I hear you say

  • “We want to reinvent ourselves.”
  • “We want to learn faster.”
  • “We want to test, try, and discover new ways.”
  • “We want to learn from each other, even more so now.”
  • “But momentarily, we have financial or resource constraints.”
  • “We want to learn, pivot to be relevant.”

At Vignettes Learning, we are turning our ways upside-down to help you.

The good news!

Introducing …

The Vignettes Learning SCHOLAR

The Vignettes Learning SCHOLAR is a premium members-only service. It fosters deep learning and expertise development. Members can access knowledge and learn from collaborators and other experts. The VL SCHOLAR helps members to be experts in Learning Architecture, Business Consulting, Microlearning, Story-Based Design, Frontline Leadership, Virtual and Hybrid Work, Scenario-Based Design, Workflow Learning, Thinking Capabilities Scaling, Performance Improvement, Implementing Change, and Learning Platform Development.

These are the resources and activities of the SCHOLAR (VLS).


Intimate Conversations with Ray Jimenez, Mentors, and Collaborators

A weekly virtual conversation where you can ask questions, get feedback on your projects and get guidance on where to find resources

Build Strong Path to Expertise - Free to VL SCHOLARS

Attend for free two new workshops for expertise development:

  • Building Your Consulting Expertise For In-house or Your Business
  • Innovating Learning Architecture and eCosystem

Starts in May and June 2022


Deep Learning Resources

Access over 200 curated premium resources. We selected for your easy use resources including micro-videos, e-books, articles, case studies, demos, workshop recordings, webinar recordings, and others.

FREE Workshop Attendance

On a “First-Come, First-Served Basis” Free Workshops, members can enroll in a wait list and be selected to attend workshops for free. See the list of our workshops. We are allocating a percentage of our upcoming workshops to SCHOLAR members. 

Technology Showcase

Vignettes Learning owns Situation Expert and 25 Thinking Tools. Scholars enjoy the benefits of using the platform for their technology and project portfolio. Scholars receive deep discounts or free usage.

Portfolio Connections

Once they meet some criteria, scholars’ portfolios and profiles will be featured to other scholars and the Vignettes Learning community. This serves the needs of scholars when they need exposure and connections.


We welcome your applications to the Vignettes Learning SCHOLAR (VLS).

These are the requirements

  • Attendance to at least one fully paid workshop in the past three years, starting 2019.
  • If you have not attended any of the past workshops, but are interested to join as VL Sholar, you may pay for a workshop and start your scholar status by completing the application form below.
  • Actively join in the community and support co-scholars. Activities may cover sharing of demos, examples, and templates. Helping co-scholars with questions. Assist in mentoring others. Share scholar experiences with micro-blogs, videos, or short papers. Recommend three team members or business colleagues to attend Vignettes Learning Workshops.


Please complete the application form. We will alert you after our review. It usually takes one week or earlier. 

We welcome you to Vignettes Learning SCHOLAR.



Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning

Apply to attend for FREE
Masterful Virtual Trainer and Frontline Leaders Workshops.
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