Even before COVID-19, we have seen disruptions in businesses and organizations. More automation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and robotics were creating shifts in the nature of work. Experts say that the pandemic accelerated the great reset of the workplace.

Deloitte Consulting, McKinsey & Company, and The Economic Global Forum even conducted studies showing that one of the pressing and top skills required by workers, frontline leaders, and leaders is critical thinking. The need for critical thinking in employees and leaders is driven by the uncertainties and the increasing unknown factors in business environments. Coupled with the growing remote work and the rapid change in emotional sentiments of employees and customers, modern workers and leaders need to be thinking about how to quickly fix, solve, and improve work by relying on their creativity and capacities.

In this session, you will learn how to design and implement learning initiatives and programs that raise the capacity of workers and leaders to critically think, fix, solve, and improve work.

Join me in the workshop.

Ray Jimenez, PhD


At the end of the certificate, you will own examples and demos to serve as your models. In addition, you will be able to:

  • Design a learning architecture and a program that help learners, workers, and leaders improve their critical thinking capacities and skills
  • Use the Thinking Tools Design Templates to create easy learning experiences. 
  • Implement a critical thinking impact report and analytics to justify and persuade your stakeholders to implement critical thinking programs. 

This is not a software workshop. This certificate workshop is not about authoring tools and learning platforms. It focuses on content development, design, and delivery. It does not promote a singular product, but rather uses multiple products for illustration purposes. The course will focus on using digital technologies to help learners learn critical thinking. However, the ideas are applicable to in-person and webinar exercises. 

The Critical Thinking for Modern Learners Certificate Workshop is highly interactive. Participants’ learning is focused on applications of ideas in their own specific conditions. Participants will be required to select a work project, present their models and solutions, and get feedback from peers and facilitators. They are required to do a project.
Participants may join small groups and/or individualized mentoring sessions. The mentoring sessions are short 30-minute sessions that are optional. They can join Ray Jimenez and expert mentors for one-on-one Q&A and ideas sharing.

The certificate is suited to those who wish to design, develop, and deliver learning experiences that help workers and leaders develop the capacities for critical thinking.

This certificate is appropriate for subject matter experts, training designers, and eLearning designers and developers, and leaders. 

Learn more and get specific answers to your questions. In this course, a mentor will be assigned to work with you on completing your mini-projects. You will have another chance to interact with Ray Jimenez in small Quick Mentoring Zoom sessions. This is a very small group session with Ray.

Session 1

Two hours for an online session and one hour and a half for self-directed application work. The application period is intended for you to apply your ideas to your own business needs and realities. You will be required to submit your mini projects to the course instructor for review. 

  • What is critical thinking and why has it become a more pressing learning issue today? 
  • How do you conduct a small investigative survey to find out the gaps and opportunities that will benefit critical thinking skills?
  • What are the key foundations of critical thinking and its impacts at work? 
  • How do you modernize your learning objectives, lessons, and assessments in traditional lessons to include critical thinking learning?
  • How to apply simple, easy, and quickly useful critical thinking exercises?

Session 2

Two hours for an online session and one hour and a half for self-directed application work. The application period is intended for you to apply your ideas to your own business needs and realities. You will be required to submit your mini projects to the course instructor for review. 

  • What is a critical thinking learning architecture?
  • How do you select the appropriate critical thinking methods to match a problem?
  • How do you make sure your critical thinking initiatives produce immediate impacts at work?
  • What digital technologies support critical thinking learning?
  • How do you “rig” or “hawk” a platform or software to allow critical thinking learning?
  • How do you apply and integrate critical thinking in your LMSs, SharePoint, MS Teams, Slack, ZOOM, and other webinar tools, and special collaboration tools like Miro, Drawing, Mapping, and others? 
  • What are low-tech and paper-based methods in teaching learners critical thinking skills? 

Session 3

Two hours for an online session and one hour and a half for self-directed application work. The application period is intended for you to apply your ideas to your own business needs and realities. You will be required to submit your mini projects to the course instructor for review. 

  • How do you assess the impacts and prepare reports on critical thinking contributions?
  • How do you design critical architecture that becomes embedded in the day-to-day work operations?
  • How do you add critical thinking in workflow learning, performance support, and social learning?
  • How do you use critical thinking processes in advance for issues relating to troubleshooting, problem-solving, risk analysis, workarounds, testing and trial and error, data analytics, and complex problems? 
  • How do you implement critical thinking initiatives that meet the expectations of stakeholders?
  • How to learn from case studies and best practices in designing critical thinking learning initiatives?  

You will receive a FREE copy of Ray's e-book on the 50 Thinking Tools for the Modern Workers and Leaders.

You'll also receive the 10 Models for Critical Thinking Tools for Your eLearning. These are 10 ready-to-use Storyline and Captivate source files. You can use these files in your eLearning, webinars, and in-person presentations and exercises.

50 Thinking Tools and Models

  • Fishbone
  • 80/20 Rule
  • Pros and Cons
  • Consequence Thinking
  • Trial and Error
  • Troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Contributing Solutions
  • And many more

Click this image to preview the 50 Thinking Tools

10 Ready-to-Use Storyline and Captivate eLearning Source Files for Critical Thinking Exercises

  • Scaling capacities
  • Pros and Cons
  • Checklist
  • What Ifs
  • My Contributions
  • My Impact
  • Improving work
  • And others

Click this image to preview the Fishbone Tool

About Ray Jimenez, PhD - Lead Facilitator, Mentor and Coach

Ray is a master webinar presenter. He makes participants alive, active, engaged, at ease, learning – never a dull moment.”

Ray is the architect and strategist of the webinar community TrainingMagNetwork. In partnership with Training Magazine, Ray’s team has grown TrainingMagNetwork to 175,000 members with hundreds of webinars.

Ray Jimenez, Ph.D., spent 15 years with Coopers & Lybrand in the areas of management consulting, operations leadership, and implementation of learning technology solutions. Ray is the author of Workflow Learning, 3-Minute e-Learning, Scenario-Based Learning, Do-It-Yourself eLearning, Story Impacts Learning and Performance eBook and an upcoming book, Story-Based eLearning Design. Ray has worked with American Bankers Association, Neiman Marcus, the U.S. Air Force, NASA, Blue Cross, Goodwill Industries, Pixar Studios, Edison Missing Group, Dendreon, Netafim, Progressive Insurance, Bridgepoint Education, California Institute of Technology to name a few.

He is the Chief Learning Architect for www.VignettesLearning.com and www.SituationExpert.com. Ray teaches at the University of California, Irvine, University of Texas Southwest Medical Center, Dallas, Assumption University, Bangkok and Open Learning University, Hong Kong. He is a sought-after expert and workshop facilitator for Training Magazine, eLearning Guild and ATD Conferences. Ray has authored and developed hundreds of Story-Based eLearning lessons including Story Impacts, Vignettes, Storytakes and Micro-Scenarios.

Webinar participants describe Ray as “fun,” “engaging,” “technically savvy,” “provocative,” “inspiring,” and “has depth and experience in Story-Based Webinar Design.

Mentors and Co-Presenters

Jonathan Workman   Crystal L. Fernandes-Harris
Kath Cherie   Susie Tiggs, Ed.S
Aimee Lantzy   Nicole Dalton
Brenda LaRose  

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