Custom Content Development Services
Vignettes Learning helps organizations custom develop e-Learning content including these methods:
  1. 3-Minute e-Learning, Snippets, Nuggets, Vignettes
  2. Scenario-Based Learning (SBL)
  3. Simulations
  4. Games and High Engaging Learning Design
  5. Animation, Slideshows, Audio and Video Programs

Subject areas covered:

  1. Sales and Sales Management Training
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Supervisory Development
  5. Customer Service Training
  6. Call Center Staff Training
  7. Compliance Programs
  8. Safety Programs
  9. Orientation Programs
  10. Programs for Retail, Banking, Mortgage, Management Consulting, Government, Military, Construction, Technology and Software and others


Service Benefits

  • All-in one solution from start to finish
  • Rapid development methodologies:faster, better and cheaper
  • Rich models and templates fro interactive and images
  • Over 200 e-Learning prototypes as easy reference for decisions
  • Capability to use different formats and software for delivery

To request for more information or see demos and examples, please send email to Request for login and access. –click here.