Now, with "Masterful Virtual Trainer Online Workshop" you’ll learn simple methods to convert your training and presentations into proven and tested Interactive Approaches. You’ll discover how to use Interactive Stories based on real-life events to add meaning, engagement and immediate usefulness to content. Your learners stay focused and involved. They learn and remember your ideas better. Your webinars will become exciting and refreshing.

Topics Covered
Session 1 - Designing Engaging Webinars

  • Aiming for the high-impact moments in training technical, software, compliance and other topics
  • Melding technical knowledge with episodic experiences
  • Creating memorable small bites and chunks of ideas that matter
  • Finding the right interactive story: incidents, trouble-shooting, problem-solving, cases, workarounds, etc.
  • Adding the story types: metaphor, humor, analogy, simile, meme, etc. 
  • Making presentations come alive with characters and visualization
  • Achieving a total make-over of long, boring, tiring, and tedious PowerPoint presentations

Session 2 - Facilitating Highly Interactive Webinars

  • Hosting an engaging virtual cocktail party
  • Adding your presence, despite the virtual environment
  • Designing questions that provoke discussions and exchange of stories
  • Setting up high-speed conversations
  • Letting learners lead the conversations without their knowing
  • Adding challenge, excitement, and discoveries through stories
  • Employing easy, fast, and riveting story-based exercises
  • Delivering a no-lecture webinar

Session 3 - Extending the Power of Webinars

  • Strategic usage of the different types of content: before, during, and after webinars (examples: what is covered in each, peak points, application points)
  • Raising the anticipation of learners before the webinars with a provocative story and experience sharing
  • Sustaining learners’ interest in recordings and post references
  • Gauging learning and experience impact from your webinars
  • Creating viral stories to generate pre/post-webinar conversations
  • Building a “story-sharing community”
  • Awarding participants with certificates and badges

This session is not about learning how to use the virtual tools. The workshop is about design and delivery. The sessions will use Adobe Connect. However, all ideas in the sessions are applicable using other leading virtual tools.



Registration Fees:

One participant - $750.00
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Other Discounts:

5% for second participant from the same company.
5% Government Discount
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Ray Jimenez PhD, a pioneering figure in the field of Learning and Development, left behind an enduring legacy that continues to inspire the industry. His contributions to the world of training are immeasurable, and his innovative spirit lives on through his work and the countless lives he’s touched.

As the Chief Learning Architect and Founder of Vignettes Learning and Training Magazine Network, Ray was also the creative force behind Situation Expert, an A.I. ChatGPT Workflow Learning Platform. His dedication to innovation was recognized with the prestigious Innovation Technology Award from Training Magazine.

Ray began his career as a management consultant at Coopers and Lybrand, specializing in learning technology innovations, information management systems, and management development. Throughout his career, he led teams in implementing A.I., assisted performance metrics, talent management strategies, and effective learning designs.

Ray’s passion was focused on helping organizations, learning leaders, and learners embrace context-driven and workflow-based learning systems. His groundbreaking work in micro-content learning design and delivery resulted in innovative methodologies and software applications. The core of his expertise was on Workflow Learning Systems, Microlearning Expertise Systems, Story-Based Learning Designs (SBLD), and Contextual Learning Platforms (CLP). 

He invented the kernel learning design called "SRIA" (Set up, Relate, Interpret, and Apply). The SRIA applies to all modalities including Microlearning and mobile learning.

Ray's influence extended beyond his innovative work. He championed the Microlearning Implementation Process and authored influential books, including "Workflow Learning," "3-Minute e-Learning," "Scenario-Based e-Learning," "Story-Based eLearning Design," and "Do-It-Yourself eLearning." Soon, his last book on “Transforming Learning Design Using A.I. ChatGPT” will also be available.

He was a sought-after speaker and thought leader, gracing conferences for organizations such as ATD, Training Magazine, eLearning Guild, ISPI, DevCon mLearning, and so on.

As the principal architect of the Training Magazine Network, which has over 185,000 L&D professional members, Ray played a pivotal role in shaping the Learning and Development community. His recent venture, Situation Expert, an A.I. ChatGPT learning system for continuous self-improvement and expertise development, exemplified his commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Ray generously shared his knowledge and expertise as an advisor and presenter of eLearning programs for prestigious institutions. He earned his Ph.D. from St. Peter's College and pursued Studies in Interactive Media at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Ray's impact extended to a diverse array of clients, including renowned organizations like FedEx, KPMG, Boeing, Lyondellbasell, Pearson, Cisco, Pixar, Dendreon, Netafim, Oracle, and NASA. Colleagues and workshop participants described him as "fun," "engaging," "technically savvy," and "inspiring." Ray's award-winning software solutions have been celebrated for their innovation.

Over 45,000 individuals have attended Ray's webinars, keynote presentations, and workshops, experiencing firsthand the transformative power of his insights and ideas. 

Ray Jimenez's dedication to advancing the field of Learning and Development remains an enduring source of inspiration. His contributions will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.

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