Boom! The world was hit with an outbreak of global proportions. It’s as if a torpedo struck while we were comfortably asleep. We, in the learning and development industry, were caught unaware and unprepared. Social distancing drove the last nail on the coffin of face-to-face workshops. Such rude awakening has forced us to confront the reality of the need for an immediate shift.


Murmurs surfaced … “It will never be the same again!”

So, what happens now?

Many years ago, I took the proverbial big leap of faith. I decided to move from conducting face-to-face workshops to designing and delivering remote learning events. It was not an easy choice. I still remember feeling extremely tense from the seesaw thoughts of “should I or should I not go for it” racing on my mind.

During this time, I read the book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. In it, he shared this profound idea:

What’s the one thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

This completely pivoted my perspective and fundamentally changed how I approached, created and delivered learning experiences!

Now with face-to-face training largely in my rearview mirror, this workshop will focus on sharing what I’ve learned along the way to help make your transformation as successful as possible:

  • Tech Talk – Identifying what you’ve got to work with and how to make it work in a virtual environment
  • Content Conundrum – All..this...material! Strategies and practical tools for finding your way throughfv
  • Delivery Diversified – Kissing your lecture-based approach goodbye to engage your learners
  • Activities to Application – Why (good) activities work and repurposing them for the virtual world
  • Immediate Impact – Creating the environment for insight and the metrics to back it up

Transformed Remote Learning (TRL) processes is based on how we helped organizations convert thousands of face-to-face workshops to remote learning deliveries.

Light, Thin, Fast and Easy to Find Content

  • Learning through “The Whisper” light content
  • Converting classroom-heavy content to easier virtual learning resources
  • Employing mini stories and scenarios to raise the level of involvement

Zoom with Meaningful, Cathartic and Insightful Conversations

  • Using Zoom and virtual presentations to emotionally engage learners
  • Structuring Zoom and other tools to complete the combination of self-driven and virtual facilitation sessions
  • Integrating with mentoring, coaching and one-on-one support and assistance

Real-world Learning Experiences for Rapid Applications

  • Templatizing experience-based learning
  • Ensuring that learners can apply ideas rather than just memorize concepts
  • Making learning impact work immediately, NOT just hope

All-in-One Learning Systems - Simple Tools and Technology Models

  • Allowing On-grid and Off-grid strategies - discovery and guided
  • Letting learners pick and choose what matters to them
  • Designing ultra flexible learning delivery strategies
  • Using common sense metrics for tracking learning and applications of ideas

Make the Change Fast, Efficiently and Economically

  • Strategizing first before buying learning systems and software
  • Developing an agile and nimble combination of learning content, interactivity and delivery systems
  • Applying the build now and quickly, then learn to grow and improve
  • Applying tactics for efficiency, speed and affordability

Transformed Remote Learning (TRL) processes require a rebirth of your workshops from reliance on face-to-face events to remote training. This workshop will lead you to fundamentally alter how you think of your learning and training strategies.

This involves two important principles:

  • First principle - breakdown your existing approaches and rebuild from the ground up
  • Second principle - strip yourself of non-working assumptions

Workshop delivery and method

We want to show you a model of transforming your workshops into a new virtual learning experience. Experience a transformed virtual workshop first-hand.

The workshop consists of 3 well-spaced, intensive, self-driven, collaborative, mentored, hands-on and virtual insight sessions.

  • Self-driven: You will study and apply structured exercises to produce immediate results.
  • Collaborative: You will learn from others in a “cohorts” environment.
  • Mentored: An expert mentor/coach will work with you to guide and give you feedback.
  • Virtual Insights Sessions: You will join three virtual sessions using Zoom to share insights and highlights.
  • Easy Q & A: You can ask questions anytime and get a response in 24 hours.
  • Short Coaching Bursts: Short bursts of Zoom, 15-30 minute coaching sessions will be scheduled for small discussions. The coaching sessions are on top of the Virtual Insights Zoom sessions.
  • Lots of Resources: You can access examples, demos, references, templates, and handouts to help you transform your workshops.

Anyone responsible for transforming a classroom, face-to-face, on-the-job training, requiring rapid conversion into a virtual learning method. This is specifically relevant to consultants, business owners, trainers, designers and developers, L&D specialists and leaders.

Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.   Aimee Lantzy
Melissa Erceg Dougherty   Jonathan Workman
Jeffrey Riley   Nicole Dalton
Crystal L. Fernandes-Harris   Brenda LaRose
William J. Ryan, PhD   Victoria Darnbrough
Susie Tiggs, Ed.S      

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One participant - $750.00

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Organizations use many forms of collaborative and learning platforms. The workshop does not require participants to use one nor does the workshop promote any specific software or platform. Instead, a proprietary system will be used to enable participants to have hands-on experience throughout the duration of the workshop. Participants will likewise be asked to review, explore or use their company’s or other providers' software and platforms for more meaningful application as needed.