An Online Workshop - October 6, 14, and 26, 2020

Covers remote learning, elearning, workflow learning, face-to-face, and coaching sessions.

An online workshop for instructional designers, trainers, developers, subject matter experts, technical writers, virtual presenters, facilitators, coaches and leaders in L&D.

Which would you rather endure?

[ ] A filling at the dentist for that tooth that’s been bothering you
[ ] An unexpected delay heading into work due to a stalled car up ahead
[ ] A 65-minute wait at your favorite restaurant on a Saturday night
[ ] The required compliance / technical training - that’s due in one week

We’ve been there. Our learners have been there. But what if it could be different? Imagine if we could get to what really matters and see it make a difference in the way learners act and think?

I’d be interested in that, wouldn’t you?

The aim of this workshop is to engage you in developing compliance and technical learning experiences where actions and results occur by workers applying rules and knowledge in real-world work situations (that’s right - the workers do the work).

You read that right... improvisation. Not the improve you might expect to see on a stage in a nightclub - we’re not turning your workforce into actors and comedians! No, improvisation in this context means that after setting standards in compliance and clear certificate goals, we allow workers to have the latitude of thinking through the problems and work demands and apply the compliance and technical knowledge so they reduce risks, avoid liabilities, and solve technical issues. Improvisation helps workers successfully apply ideas at work.

The workshop helps you to:

  • Extend your investments in compliance and technical courses to work applications.
  • Design a plan to incorporate improvisation and thinking through work issues.
  • Implement a plan to append or attach in compliance and certificate courses, work impacts, improvisation exercises, and activities.
  • Engage workers and learners in compliance and certificate programs.
  • Obtain improvisation design and delivery templates, processes, exercises, thinking tools, and examples to accelerate re-inventing your courses.

  • Find the best ROI areas in re-inventing your compliance and technical programs.
  • Analyze the courses and identify the high risks, high exposures, and high value aspects.
  • Select a work-application strategy and method.
  • Apply the ideas in these areas: Regulatory requirements, e.g. HR, safety, cyber, ethics, data, due diligence, governance, HIPAA, audit, and others; Technical areas, e.g. software, products, equipment, services, industrial, logistics, processes, and others.
  • Select from fifteen (15) interactive improvisation methods and exercises to increase work applications.
    1. Consequences Thinking
    2. Risk Analysis
    3. Improving Work Impacts
    4. Action Mapping
    5. Finding Change Areas
    6. Improvisation Self-Assessment
    7. Assessing Stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Leaders, Communities) Impact Areas
    8. Mitigation and Prevention Actions
    9. Navigating Unknown and Uncerclear Situations
    10. What-If Scenarios
    11. Scaling Capacities
    12. Making Sense of Data (Data Analytics)
    13. Design Thinking
    14. Improving Process Flow
    15. Troubleshooting
  • Re-inventing your compliance and technical training to encourage deep thinking and learning
  • Learning from experiences, self, and others
  • Implementing change and finding opportunities to introduce improvisation in compliance and technical programs.
  • Applying your improvisation approaches for virtual delivery (webinars, Zoom, others), eLearning, social and collaborative learning (using Teams, Slack, others), workflow learning, and coaching sessions.
  • Developing metrics in impact reports, applications, and deep learning.

In the workshop you will obtain a reference booklet that provides you step-by-step explanations and uses of the 15 improvisation tools. You will also get image files so you can quickly use the exercises in your remote learning, virtual presentations, elearning, workflow learning, microlearning, coaching, and meetings.

Participants will learn how to scale their compliance and technical training to improvisation to impact work.

The workshop follows this structure.

70% of companies’ training programs are focused on compliance and technical training. This is the frontline capabilities of the company's human resources. By re-inventing your courses, you not only engage workers and leaders in the usual boring courses, but you will go beyond to work impacts.

Anyone who is responsible for compliance and technical training for employees, customers and other stakeholders. Specifically, the workshop is for: instructional designers, subject matter experts, technical writers, trainers, virtual presenters and facilitators, coaches, developers, and leaders.

For More Information

For interested participants outside of the US with inquiry regarding time differences, please let us know so we can assist you further. Thank you.

October 2020 WORKSHOP 

Virtual Insight Sessions - Main Session Dates

Session 1: October 6, 2020
Session 2: October 14, 2020
Session 3: October 26, 2020

Fallback Date : October 30, 2020
(In case the session is moved due to technical issues.)

Quick Mentoring

An additional of three, 30-minute coaching sessions will be announced.
This is intended to support individual or small group questions.

Session Time

8:30 am - 10:30 am - Pacific
9:30 am - 11:30 am - Mountain
10:30 am - 12:30 pm - Central
11:30 am - 1:30 pm - Eastern

For participants from other time zones similar to these:
Singapore - 11:30 pm - 1:00 am SGT
London - 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm BST

Please email us to let us know how we can help with special arrangements and mentoring support. Kindly provide us with details to better assist you.

One participant - $750.00

10% Early Bird Discount
(Valid for registration not later that 30 days before the workshop)

Group Attendance
Group discount can be availed when you register as a group.
Incentive: Should there be 5 or more from your group who are registering to this workshop,
a deeper discount offer will be available. Please contact us for assistance.


Organizations use many forms of collaborative and learning platforms. The workshop does not require participants to use one nor does the workshop promote any specific software or platform. Instead, a proprietary system will be used to enable participants to have hands-on experience throughout the duration of the workshop. Participants will likewise be asked to review, explore or use their company’s or other providers' software and platforms for more meaningful application as needed.