Special Option

Own and Use the Workshop Materials for
Training Your In-house Team and Your Consulting Business

To help the organization spread the benefits to more members of your L&D team - designers, developers, technologies - and support frontline Subject Matter Experts, presenters, and frontline leaders, you have the option to purchase the license to “The Just-in-Time and Just-Enough for Nomad Workers Workshop.” Obtaining the license means you can reuse the PowerPoint presentations, exercises, videos, and references in your organization. This will allow you to train as many people at a lesser cost within your organization.   

Additionally, you can also send one participant free of charge to each of the 12 sessions.

All materials will be provided at the end of all the sessions.

The purchase price for this package is $4,500.00 on or before December 15, 2022 for a period of two years. This will be priced at $6,500 after the above date.  

Please contact us for information.

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