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This is the third exercise of the workshop. Workers often learn skills, rules, and knowledge about their work in compliance or technical areas. However, the instructions do not go far enough for the learners to experience the consequences of the work issues and when they take action or failure to take action. The purpose of this exercise is to add the “consequence” awareness among workers and learners. You may use the work issue from previous exercises or pick a new work issue as your focus in the exercise. 

Looking for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Order Consequence means:

1st Order Consequences - on the work you are doing, immediate impacts;

2nd Order Consequences - are those that are parallel work, tasks or deliverable by others;

3rd Order Consequences - may impact upstream or downstream, work, outputs, deliverables of others before or after your flow in the pipeline or process;

Review the examples, articles, and videos below. To get a completion mark, post at least one comment in the references.

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