Frontline Leaders as Trainers in COVID-19 Times

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    Frontline Leaders as Trainers in COVID-19 Times

Key Ideas:

1. During the pandemic, we all want to remain optimistic despite the challenges that the situation has brought to our workplaces.

2. The reduction of L&D and downsizing of organizations has given additional weight to frontline leaders, managers, or supervisors as they may now be faced with the new task of training other workers

3. We cannot train these leaders to do the trainers' job, but it's surprising to learn that they can be capable of helping workers by having conversations with them.

4. Other ways that can indirectly train or help workers are by having troubleshooting experience with them, having an open communication line to entertain questions, and giving support and assistance.

5. We don't need to burden frontline leaders and assign them to train the trainer. Instead, acknowledge and understand that they already have the capabilities of training and helping people, and extend learning opportunities.
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  • Me2
     Feb 17, 2022 05:13am
    Celebrate they are already learning! Yes, train the trainer does not solve all the problems of gaining knowledge.