Recent studies report that organizations are losing talent and expertise at an alarming pace. This is largely due to a significant number of retiring Baby Boomers. At the same time they are leaving the workforce, there’s an increasing demand for remaining employees to re-skill faster in line with new technologies, manufacturing systems and processes.

Meanwhile, there is an information explosion caused, in part, by rapid product changes, new markets, new solutions, technologies and systems, and compliance rules and regulations.

Experts in organizations are more valuable than ever.

Today, however, many may not realize the huge challenge of passing on their expertise. The contributions of experts are hamstrung by their lack of skill in analyzing, organizing and delivering content so that others can benefit from their wealth of knowledge.

Furthermore, their inability to engage team members, learners and recipients of their expertise, such as clients, and training and eLearning designers, is costing organizations money! How? Slower customer adoption of products and services, cost of non-compliance, higher training cost contribute to the inability of organizations to compete and grow.

In the workshop High Impact Expert, experts will learn to contribute and add value to their organizations’ transfer-of-knowledge process – documentation, coaching, training, eLearning and on-the-job performance and customer support. They will discover how to transform their content into shorter, faster and more engaging formats, delivered through the newest technology and method.

The workshop will have high value for:

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who provide expert content for training, learning, documentation, performance support and communications. Engineers, software experts, technical experts, scientists, consultants, attorneys, as well as trainers, designers, developers and leaders are examples
  • Instructional Designers and leaders who wish to improve the process of working with SMEs as part of the learning & design process and development
  • eLearning designers and developers
  • Content researchers, writers and producers
  • Expert trainers and presenters
  • Project leaders and champions
  • Anyone who wants to improve working with SMEs, helping SMEs
    become better partners in learning and training, and reducing the cost and time
    of content conversion

  • Obtain tools, demos, samples and templates to transform difficult content into engaging content, covering areas such as: technical, compliance, scientific process and procedure, software, people skills
  • Reduce the cost and time of content conversion from SMEs’ end to learning deliverables
  • Re-skill from traditional expertise roles in design and development into
    engaging content that is immediately useful
  • Learn how to significantly decrease cost BUT speed up training and eLearning program development
  • Enhance your ability to prepare expert presentations that are engaging and impactful

1. Understand new landscape and mindscape of knowledge and information and how they impact the way expertise is acquired, organized and delivered

2. Learn effective ways organizations cope with increasing loss of veteran talent and the strategies they employ to replenish these sources of expertise

3. Discover new opportunities for SMEs to influence the success of their organizations

4. Learn how to employ the Expertise Transformation Process (ETP)

  • Nurture expertise and develop other experts
  • Analyze content: assess value and usefulness of content, data and information
  • Convert content into useful knowledge: micro-content, micro-application, micro-learning and interactions, micro-job aids, etc.
  • Distribute knowledge: instant, produce-one-distribute-to-many; from paper to room to website to mobile apps
  • Collaborate with recipients of expert knowledge: trainers, eLearning designers, product or service support teams, social learning and knowledge managers and curators
  • Optimize new technologies in accelerating the use of expertise – collaboration, social learning, interactive videos, systems in accelerated expertise transfer, micro-learning

5. Make expert presentations engaging and inspiring

  • Find focal points of ideas: patterns and data frameworks
  • Visualize ideas: creative and imaginative representations
  • Add interaction to ideas: sequence of questions and actions
  • Make audiences own and apply expert ideas: stacking expertise

The workshop is an in-depth experience employing video coaching, mini-projects, role-playing and immersive exercises. Due to the extensive need for interaction, workshop seats are limited. Contact us today for your in-house schedule.

The workshop is in a virtual learning format. It starts with a preparation session to orient participants to the use of virtual technologies. There are three online sessions of two hours each. Participants are required to submit mini-application projects, which may take from one to two hours per session. The virtual technologies cover webinars, discussion rooms, chat, conference calls, video sharing and online submission of projects.

Ray Jimenez, Ph.D., spent 15 years with Coopers & Lybrand in the areas of management consulting and implementation of learning technology solutions. As management consultant, Ray has worked with various experts from different domains and industry. Ray is the author of “100 Ways of Inspiring Presenters” (eBook) (soon to be released), 3-Minute e-Learning, Scenario-Based Learning, Do-It-Yourself eLearning, Story Impacts Learning and Performance eBook and Story-Based eLearning Design. Ray has worked with experts and learning and development teams in American Bankers Association, Neiman Marcus, the U.S. Air Force, NASA, Blue Cross, Goodwill Industries, Pixar Studios, Edison Missing Group, Dendreon, Netafim, Progressive Insurance, Bridgepoint Education and California Institute of Technology, to name a few.

He is the Chief Learning Architect for Ray teaches at the University of California, Irvine; University of Texas Southwest Medical Center, Dallas; Assumption University, Bangkok and Open Learning University, Hong Kong. He is a sought-after expert and workshop facilitator for Training Magazine, eLearning Guild and ATD Conferences. Ray is the architect of (a community of 100,000 members).

Workshop participants describe Ray as “fun,” “engaging,” “technically savvy,” “provocative,” “inspiring,” and “has depth and experience in Story-based eLearning Design.”

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