How to use Situation Expert

Excite Webinars

How to register in a Webinar?

To register in a webinar, go to the webinar you wish to join. Click the “Register” button below the webinar poster. A banner will prompt you that you have registered for the webinar already.

Where to view the webinar link?

Webinar link will be posted in the Webinar section 1-2 hours before the webinar.

How to upload files, images, videos, links?

To upload images, videos, files, and links from the comment section. Type in your comment and then choose among images, videos, files, or links that you wish to upload. Upload the files for images or documents and paste the link for videos in the box provided.

How to view your progress?

To view your webinar progress, you can click the webinar progress pie on the right side of the page or by clicking “Progress” in the action buttons. You will be able to get a quick view of your completion progress and see your completion status, date started, and date completed, respectively.


How to download resource materials?

To download resource materials, go to Resources, click the “Download” button from the downloadable resource material posted. It should automatically download the file once you have clicked the “Download” button.

How to view webinar recordings?

To view webinar recordings, go to Webinars, then click ”Recordings.” Find the webinar you wish to view, click “View Recording” at the bottom of the speaker section in the webinar. You can also access the recordings from the webinar itself, make sure you have registered already.

How to obtain a certificate?

Your certificate will be available for download when you click the webinar progress pie once you have registered and attended the webinar.